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Closing the gap between income and housing costs is a key component in ending homelessness. Jobs that pay a living wage are essential in closing that gap. SCS believes that providing meaningful transitional work, with minimal barriers, can help our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness get a fresh start. The Community Care Crew employs up to 12 Team Members who are paid to care for the Central Beach Area,  Services include street cleaning, power washing, graffiti removal, light landscaping, custodial/janitorial services, and event setup/takedown.

An essential part of the Community Care Crew program is the individual support each Crew Member receives. Crew Members benefit from individualized case management and receive counseling in career management and job placement through the San Diego Workforce Partnership. And most importantly, Crew Members are considered for temporary housing, to have a safe place to keep personal items, relax, sleep, shower. 

Alex grew up in a privileged home but made a decision to live in a van for a time but eventually ended up on the street. Facing himself in a very honest way, letting go of assumptions of himself and others, changing perceptions and getting a very clear understanding of the broken systems changed him deeply.

The Community Care Crew has helped Alex in working towards some important life goals. The accountability through work and case management, learning to give and receive help and the relationships that have been created on the job and in the broader community have changed him.

He now has an apartment and will be launching into a permanent position that will eventually help him reach his ultimate goal, “…to create my own company…to be financially free…be a role model and share my story with humanity.”

logo for the community care crew

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