The Compass Station

Our guests are welcomed by Volunteer Guides who have been trained to serve through a trauma-informed lens that allows them to offer positive, affirming support.

Guests of the Compass Station have access to:

Shower & Laundry

Document Recovery

Benefit Enrollment Assistance

On-site Wellness and Healthcare

Mail Acceptance

Housing Options

Veteran’s Services

Mental & Substance Use Services

Legal & Tax Help

Computer Access & Device Charging

Family Reunification

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Bella and Eric arrived at The Compass Station from Pittsburgh – looking for the golden life in California. After several attempts to find work and housing with no success, they became despondent. Bella found out she was pregnant and desperately wanted to keep their baby. They realized that the grass really isn’t greener on the other side and wanted to go back to their support systems where they knew they would be welcome and could once again thrive. Shoreline was able to provide them with bus tickets and help reunify their family in Pennsylvania

Steve has been on and off the streets for many years. When he was healthy, he worked and surfed and when he wasn’t, his life was a blur of alcohol and drugs. Thankfully, through our partnership with the Salvation Army, Steve moved inside working a treatment program to work on his sobriety, learning new life skills and start looking for work. After a year, Steve is living a healthy, sober life and has been hired by SA as a peer counselor.

Marcos has been one of the bright spots at The Compass Station – our drop in resource center. He’s full of life, stories, advice and fun. Always ready to lend a hand to us and to his fellow Guests. Marcos suffers from mental illness and we were able to connect him to our County Mental Health Service partners and he has moved into an independent living home where he can thrive and heal.